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These leaders have positively impacted my life.....

Zig Ziglar and Tina Downey Jim Rohn and Tina Downey Bob Proctor and Tina Downey
Zig Ziglar, my mentor and friend with his precious wife, Jean. Working with his company for over 5 years was life-changing for me!
I’m grateful to Jim Rohn, who inspired me to stop just “making a living” and to instead “design my life.” My first book is based on this philosophy.
Bob Proctor was ready to endorse MySuccessBox® the minute he saw it!
Maria Wieder and Tina Downey Jack Canfield and Tina Downey
Vic and Lisa Johnson generously offered their “Claim Your Power Now!” seminars for the MySuccessBox® test market, because they believed in my idea from the start. Thank you, Vic and Lisa!
In Marcia Wieder’s home. She is the Founder of Dream University®, where I earned my Dream Coach® certification. She is also Jack Canfield’s personal coach.


Jack Canfield, Co-Founder of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series—over 100 million books sold!
Ron White and Tina Downey Denis Waitley and Tina Downey John Goddard and Tina Downey
Ron White, set a Guinness World Memory record and is the 2009 USA Memory Champion!
When Denis Waitley saw MySuccessBox®, he loved the idea immediately and told me he wished that he had thought of it!
At age fifteen, John Goddard wrote 127 goals and has now accomplished more than 550 major goals. His amazing story is why I include writing 100 dreams as part of my system.
Jim Stovall and Tina Downey Cynthia Kersey and Tina Downey Lisa Jimenez and Tina Downey
I was so excited to meet Jim Stovall, because he is the author of one of my all-time favorite books and movie, "The Ultimate Gift"!
Cynthia Kersey’s book “Unstoppable” got me through the early challenges of turning the MySuccessBox® dream into a reality.


Lisa Jimenez, best-selling author of “Conquer Fear!” Her book was instrumental in breaking through the fears that were holding me back from the success I desired.

Tina Downey, the creator of MySuccessBox®, is a Certified Dream Coach® who enjoys helping her clients achieve their dreams by using a proven program.  She is also a sought-after public speaker and loves to lead groups through MySuccessBox® workshops.  Tina’s first inspiring book will be out soon, “Designing Your Dream Life...24 Days to a Life You LOVE!”

She has been a serious student of personal development for over 20 years and is passionate about living life to the fullest while helping others to do the same.  She believes too many people settle for mediocre success and never pursue their real dreams.  She understands this because she was doing it, too.

Tina’s life changed in 2005 when she finally understood that breaking through her limiting beliefs and pursuing the dreams buried in her heart was truly the only way to live.  She no longer was going to allow fear to hold her back from success, so she began to step outside of her comfort zone.  Since then, her life has never been the same.  Tina says,

“You can run from your dreams in fear or run to your dreams with faith.”

She achieved a leadership position in only five years with the direct sales company she represented.  While working with her team of distributors, she found that many of them didn’t have the level of belief they needed to achieve their goals and didn’t have big enough dreams for their future.  Since she knew what belief and dreams had done in her life, she wanted to help them have the same experience.  She thought of a creative system to help them by taking the tools she was using on a daily basis to improve her own belief system and future vision and put them in a box with simple instructions.

She gave the “success boxes” as gifts to the leaders on her team in 2005.  Because the system was so fun and easy to use without being time consuming, the leaders were able to implement these activities into their life and achieve results.  In fact, Tina’s “Success Team” grew 33% in sales volume that year!

After seeing the benefits for herself and her team, she could not keep the MySuccessBox® system to herself.  That is when she formed a company to help as many people as possible realize their dreams.  Tina wrote her mission statement:

Dedicated to helping people discover, believe and pursue their dreams so they can experience a life full of meaning and purpose.

Having worked with Zig Ziglar’s personal development company in a sales position for over five years, Tina came to appreciate his famous quote, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” She vowed to live her life by this philosophy and believes that her God-given purpose is to focus on helping others believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. She cannot imagine a better way to spend her life than to help other people love their life.  That is her ultimate “Dream Life”!

“When you wake up in the morning,
you have two simple choices…

Go back to sleep and dream
or wake up and
make your dreams come true!”

~ Tina Downey


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