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What People Are Saying About MySuccessBox®...

Zig Ziglar - Speaker and Author

Look what the world-renowned motivator, Zig Ziglar, has to say about the MySuccessBox®:

“It is true!  Great things do come in small packages!  Tina Downey’s MySuccessBox®  is a fast track from ‘How do I set goals for success?’ to ‘Done!’  Follow Tina’s instructions—if you do, I will See You at the Top!"

Zig Ziglar
Speaker and Author of 25 books

Bob Proctor - Best Selling Author

When I showed the MySuccessBox® to Bob Proctor, he was so impressed that he wanted to endorse it right away!  Here is what he said:

“This is the system I recommend to alter the way you think, so you will attract the success you seek.”

Bob Proctor
Founder and Chairman of LifeSuccess Productions

Vic Johnson - Author, Speaker and Internet Infopreneur

Vic Johnson was so excited about this system, he asked me to bring the MySuccessBox® to his seminar, “Claim Your Power Now!” and said:

“Tina had a “white-hot” desire to see her dream come to life, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to make it happen.  Tina went from ZERO to success in less time than it takes most people to make up their mind.”

Vic Johnson
Author, Speaker and Internet Infopreneur

Henry Petty

Henry recently sent me a letter about his success with using the system for less than three months.

“I GOT THE JOB!  …a job that will let me work with my brain instead of my back –a job with great benefits from a great company that takes care of its people- a job that pays $7,000 more a year than I currently make, not to mention the FREE medical and dental!  I had been stuck in a dead-end job for the last 10 years.  But by using your system each day, I grew more confident in myself, and most importantly, BELIEVING in myself.  Thanks to MySuccessBox®, I’ve accomplished more in the last few months than I EVER did with any other self-help book or program!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Henry Petty
Little Rock, Arkansa

Charleen Bailey

Charleen began using my system and realized one of her dreams was to open a hair salon.

“My dream to open my own hair salon had gone by the wayside, living my life.  After following the MySuccessBox® system for a short time, I began to take action and today I am the proud owner of “Charleen’s Salon and Day Spa.”  Dreams really do come true when you find a way to reach them.”

Charleen Bailey
Gaston, South Carolina

Kathy Anderson

Kathy wanted a special Christmas gift for her son in college.

“Andy loved the concept of the MySuccessBox® and he said the inscription made it extra special.  It is something he will always treasure.  He took it back to school, so he could start using it immediately.  I am very impressed with your company and your professionalism.  I think everybody needs to have a success box!!”

Kathy Anderson
Elberton, Georgia

"Thank you so much for creating MySuccessBox®.  For years, I have attended motivation seminars and read many success books, but I'd soon forget the concepts after I finished the book or the class ended. I'd put the information on a shelf to never read again. I wanted more for my life but I couldn't find an easy way to help "remind" me to stay on course....that is, until I found MySuccessBox®.  For the first time in many years, I can actually tell you what my dreams are!  Thank you for giving me a tool to help me plan a course for my life and actually stay on it."

Michelle Prince
Author, Speaker, Coach

Julia Havey - Author and Speaker

"We've all been warned about the dangers that lurk if you open Pandora's Box.  While that may be just a legend, one thing is for certain--there is no danger in opening MySuccessBox® but rather you will build the life and business of your dreams becoming a legend in your own right. Every successful carpenter has a good tool box--make MySuccessBox® yours!"

Julia Havey
Author and Speaker

Alison Ogden - Author

"I had many limiting beliefs that were dictating my life and holding me back from attempting to fulfill my dreams. And I didn't even realize it! Those old phrases "I'm too busy," "I've missed my chance at that," "I'm too old," and "I can't get anything done" were holding me back.  MySuccessBox® has revitalized my life.  Now, I can share that gift with others. What a blessing! Thank you for believing in us and for giving us tools to help us rise above our past and reach for a better future!"

Alison Ogden
Author of “When Love Turns to Fear”
Sugar Land, TX

Rebecca Redfearn - Business Manager

"MySuccessBox® is just what I've been looking for all these years. Everything I need to help plan my dreams and goals is right in this box, which I keep at work on my desk for easy access during the day. My dreams have already started coming true since I started using MySuccessBox®. My biggest dream of becoming a mom came true within one year of writing it in my Living My Dreams journal.  My husband and I adopted a little girl and couldn’t be happier!"

Rebecca Redfearn
Business Manager
Plano, TX

Jill Hellwig - Corporate Developement Executive

"MySuccessBox®  is an amazing tool that motivates, inspires and gives specific instructions for achieving your dreams. Our whole family starts our day with “Wake Up and Make Your Dreams Come True!”  Even my two and three year old boys know how inspiring believing in ourselves can be. Thank you, Tina Downey, for this great idea and wonderful system!"

Jill Hellwig
Corporate Development Executive
Lewisville, TX

Laurie Magers - Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

"Who is a better friend than someone who cares about you enough to want to share with you the secret to her own success? This system has been tried and proven—Tina is living her dreams, and with MySuccessBox®  she gives you the step-by-step plan to live your dreams."

Laurie Magers
Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar
Carrollton, TX

Kathy Adler - Teacher

"I love MySuccessBox®! It is easy to use and a great tool for finally putting those dreams on paper. It's about time that we all gave ourselves permission to succeed and prosper in life and there's no better place to start than with MySuccessBox®!"

Kathy Adler
Lucas, TX

Cynthia Esquivel - Business Owner

"I believe that MySuccessBox® gives people the tools to begin dreaming again. A lot of people have stopped dreaming because they are stuck in the rut of hectic living.  They are just trying to survive.  That was me too and now you've given me an incredible way to start the dreaming process again."

Cynthia Esquivel
Business owner
Frisco, TX

If you’re ready to make the MySuccessBox® system a part of your success story, then order yours today!


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